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Drawing Tips and Anime/Manga Discussion

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Are you a former artist from DTAMD or are you just hoping to kill some time staring at that blank paper? Stop whining and join us! We'll spice'n your day up with some thrilling art contributed by you! 

We aren't just any community of artists we're a top notch class A sailing community along the treacherous landscape of life! Don't believe me? Then why are you still reading?

What are you waiting for join the Drawing Tips and Anime/Manga Discussion community today!

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Pretty sure you should join if you're interested in art, enjoy Anime, love to see artworks, or are a Facebook lover. This site was literally designed with you in mind. Have access to all the things you love about Facebook and more except the topic of interest is not next week's taco supreme but Anime! And yes, it is supreme. 

A Big Thanks

To the few of you who are still reading its obvious you are still deciding on whether to join or not. So, I'll make it easy for you. If you join today, we'll promote a single artwork of your choice! How's that sound? No seriously, we're poor. Please come and say hi.